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Short Term Furniture Rental

Quickstart furniture rental packages assist you settling into your new home:

  • for executives waiting for shipments or customs clearance of their own goods to arrive

  • your own furniture in transit? Our comprehensive range of furnishings will keep you comfortable until it arrives.

  • eliminate the need for expensive temporary serviced apartments or hotels and let you get settled into your new home

  • executive relocation service ensures all goods are installed and ready to use; beds made and audio and television, tuned and working

  • ideal for terms up to 6 months.

Quickstart offers flexible options of standard or deluxe furnishing choices for complete home setup.

Furniture items are individually listed and priced allowing you to pick and choose from the various furnishing choices within your budget.

Quickstart packages can include:

  • Standard or deluxe furnishing choices

  • Electrical appliances

  • Linen & Homewares

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Full or partial house furnishing

Click here for Furniture Rental for  Unfurnished Properties.pdf

Living Edge Rental has an extensive range of tables, chairs and lounges in modern furniture and traditional styles to create the perfect look for your new home.

Please Note: Currently furniture rentals in Queensland are minimum 3 months.

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