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Emergency Furniture Rental

Urgent emergency furniture rental of household goods, appliances, linen, beds, bedding and homeware. Living Edge Furniture Rental specialise in providing fast and flexible service.

Need a new home set up immediately? We can:

  • process furniture rental orders on the spot

  • deliver and install furniture in your residence within 24 hours of receiving approval.

  • set up an empty house with everything you need, including beds, electrical goods, even crockery and cutlery.

Insurance Claimable Furniture Rental Expenses

If your house has been damaged by weather events, in a fire, robbed or flooded, Living Edge Furniture Rental will liaise directly with Insurers on your behalf to make sure you get the emergency rental furniture you need, as soon as possible.

If you need to relocate quickly and organise emergency furniture now, contact Living Edge Furniture Rental and one of our consultants will listen to your requirements and assist you in setting you up in your new home.

Contact Living Edge Furniture Rental to find out how we can assist you.